It's everything you want. And a few things you never imagined.
Manitou SES | 23/25/27
The only sacrifice you'll have to make is time on land.
Manitou Oasis SR | 23/25
Makes waves, even before you turn the key.
Manitou Legacy | 23/25/27
For those who think pontoon boats can't do that.
Manitou X-PLODE | 23/25/27
Pleasantly surprising performance and luxury, with a price to match.
Manitou Encore | 22/24/26

Pushing the Perception of Pontoons.

V-Toon Technology(R)

One thing is certain, Manitou Pontoon Boats has never been content with the status quo. While other manufacturers may find satisfaction with simple upgrades to seat fabrics and color schemes; we are continually working to rollout new innovations every year. In fact, Manitou is notorious for our willingness to push the perception of pontoons by developing better handling, safer, faster, more equipped watercraft. This year is no exception, as we were awarded an additional patent for our revolutionary V-Toon® technology that makes our boats even more noticeable. So, whether your desire is to lounge in the most innovative seating group on the water, or give your guests a ride that'll leave them giddy with excitement - you can count on a Manitou to deliver.

Manitou Making Waves Again? Absolutely.

The V-Toon® - an innovation so significant, it was recently awarded a broadened U.S. Patent nearly one year to the day after the original patent. Our V-Toon® technology involves the addition of a larger 27" center aluminum tube, which is then dropped 1.25" below the outside 23" tubes to provide the optimum 5.25" differential. The tubes are then fitted with strategically engineered and placed positive angle lifting strakes resulting in dramatically enhanced planing, performance, and efficiency of the boat. So much so, that the V-Toon® pontoon accelerates, planes, and turns much like a traditional v-hull boat. Dare we say better? Maybe you should try one and judge for yourself?

Whether you’re aiming to find the best way to sunbathe in style on the water, fishing for an angler model that doesn’t cut any corners, or seeking a stylish and comfortable boat that’s backed with some serious muscle, Manitou can find the right boat for your boating needs. To get started, take a look through our buying guide. Browse different floor plans, options, and color packages to determine which of our luxury pontoon models suits your boating needs best. You can also request a brochure of our 2014 models, and find a Manitou dealer near you with the Manitou Dealer Locator.

2014 Manitou Promo
Manitou Promo Video 2014

Manitou Pontoon Boats has changed the way pontoons should look on the water for 2014 with all new wall designs on many of our models. Once again we have looked at what our competitors offered and raised the bar with our own version. From Aurora to Legacy, twin tube to SHP, Manitou Pontoon Boats has a boat that will suit your needs on the water perfectly.

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