Sportsstuff + Manitou V-Toon Technology = An Unbeatable Combination

Thereâ??s no better combination in excellence and design than to pair-up Sportsstuffâ??s fully controllable Doables with one of our fast-action Manitou SHP Pontoon Boats! Sportsstuff, the industryâ??s leading inflatable water sports manufacturer, has introduced 8 new fully controllable Doables for 2010. Combine these with our patented Sport Handling Package with V-Toon Technology and SeaStar Power Assist Hydraulic Steering and you have an unbeatable recipe for maximum excitement on the water! All of Sportsstuffâ??s controllable Doables give the rider more control than ever before, allowing the ability to do slaloming and spinning maneuvers while the boat simply drives straight. The new Slaloms are specially designed for steering back and fourth across the wake and several spinnable tricksters enable riders to create their own spin moves. Our sporty and luxurious Manitou SHP Pontoon Boats provide the necessary versatility for an exhilarating day on the lake towing these inflatable water toys or embarking on a relaxing cruise. See Sportsstuffâ??s amazing new spinnable Mixmaster by playing the imbedded video on this page or watch all their new Doables in action on their website. 

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