Shootout on Lake Norman

Since 2005, Manitou has touted the performance and handling of the SHP pontoon boat and more recently the advantages of the similar VP pontoon boats. We have made claims concerning the efficiency of this hull and how this translates into improved hole shots, acceleration and top end speeds. We have also extolled the handling and turning characteristics of this package and the natural way it heals into a turn. We discussed the advantages of the near effortless steering provided by the Teleflex power assist. A system that also contributes to this sharp handling.  

Now, some may doubt the advantages of the SHP/VP and what we call V-TOON Technology. Some might say these are empty promises, that there are really no quantitative differences between our boats and the competition.

Well to shed some light on this issue, we sent two of our performance packages to beautiful Lake Norman in North Carolina for the annual Pontoon & Deck Boat barrel race

The course requires speed and handling to compete successfully in a timed race. Manitou was entered in both the 135-150 hp and the 225+ hp category. 

In the 135-150 hp race, we entered a 20 Aurora VP powered with an Evinrude E-TEC 150 HO.  This Package took first place with a time of 60.06 seconds, an astounding eight second advantage over the second place finisher. This may not seem like a lot of difference but it equates to a 13% faster time to complete the course!    

We entered a 22 Encore Pro Angler SHP powered with an Evinrude E-TEC 250 HO in the 225+ hp category. Again, we took first place with a time of 56.66 seconds, almost a four second difference and over 6% faster than the nearest competitor.

What is most remarkable is that our 20 Aurora VP in the 135-150 hp class turned in the second quickest time of the day and out performed every package in the higher horsepower categories except our own!

These are some real quantitative differences and not just empty promises! You can see all the results in the latest issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine.

First Place Trophies for the 2010 Pontoon and Deck Boat Barrel Races, 135 to 150 HP and 225 + HP Categories.

2011 Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angler SHP

2011 Manitou 20 Aurora Lounger VP

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