Manitou is exceptionally proud to announce that it has been granted Patent No. US 7,950,340 for its revolutionary V-TOON performance pontoon hulls. Below you will find the Press Release announcing this achievement. As a Manitou SHP or VP owner, you can feel pride in your choice of boats; if you are a potential customer, you know your search has ended, the U.S. Patent office has made your decision very clear!

Lansing, MI - On May 31st, Triton Industries was issued a United States patent (NO.: US 7,950,340) for their revolutionary V-toon style pontoon boat. The design is featured in every triple hull currently being produced under their Manitou brand name. Since the hull's debut in the 2005 model year, the company has worked diligently to secure a broad patent to protect this unique product. This nearly six year effort has finally come to fruition.

The patent covers the company's high performance pontoon boat with handling characteristics that replicate those of an exceptional V-hull. One of the features encompassed in the patent is the differential depth between the inner and outer pontoon tubes creating a sufficient amount of deadrise to allow for traditional V-hull handling. Another key component of the invention is the inclusion of hull features to enhance the planing, performance and efficiency of the craft. Manitou has been at the cutting edge of performance pontoon boats since the introduction of this product.

Pontoon boats have been historically viewed as stodgy underperforming style hulls. The earliest hull configurations have two tubes and are essentially displacement hulls. Though offering generous floor space and comfort, these pontoon boats do not respond efficiently to added horsepower or normally to increased speeds. Even standard triple pontoon tube models that have no deadrise come up short in the handling and ride category.

What is most exciting about the patented hull is that it provides solutions to these two deficiencies (hull inefficiency and poor handling characteristics) of traditional pontoon boat hulls. These patented hulls efficiently profit from increases in horsepower and offer a family friendly craft that, besides providing all the normal advantages of a pontoon boat, also exceed expectations in watersport activities. These boats also heel (bank) normally, safely and predictably in a turn.

Within the Manitou lineup, all SHP models and all VP models are covered under this patent. The SHP models are the higher performing hulls and can achieve speeds over 50 mph. The VP models are limited to 150 hp and achieve speeds above 40 mph.


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