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It’s Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, and We’re Participating!

In honor of “Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day,” a National Safe Boating Week initiative to demonstrate how easy it is to wear a life jacket, some of us here at Manitou Pontoons are wearing our personal¬†flotation¬†devices on the job. We even took pictures and figured you might enjoy seeing them: Don’t forget the […]

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Cautionary Tales in Boating Safety: Part 1

As part of our series of posts on safe boating, we will be presenting four real stories of people who have had dangerous or scary boating experiences. These individuals have shared these tales in hopes of helping others who may encounter the same situations. Regardless of whether or not an accident is unavoidable, the most […]

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National Safe Boating Week: What You Need to Know

National Safe Boating Week takes place this year from May 19 to May 25with the purpose of educating individuals about the importance of boater safety and life jacket use, according to the National Safe Boating Council, Inc., or NSBC. The NSBC began in 1958 as the National Safe Boating Committee and their purpose was to […]

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Pontoon Boat Cleaning Tips

The following post actually comes from our friend Bryan Hermann from, who shared this tale of tube polishing and protecting on the Pontoon Forums website, and it was so detailed we figured we’d share. Thanks Bryan! For those who are interested in polishing and protecting the tubes on your pontoon boat, here is a […]

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