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8/24/11 Boat Shoot – 2012 Model Year

(More on this year’s photo shoot from Greg VanWagenen) Day 3 started off with a grim weather report. The afternoon called for thunderstorms and hail. The rush was on in the morning to see how many boats we could finish before the day was rained out. Bryan Hermann and his wife Denise came all the […]

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8/23/11 Boat Shoot – 2012 Model Year

(More from the 2012 shoot from Greg VanWagenen) Day started off with intense sparkle on the water. As expected the day has started more quickly. We all know our jobs and are off running.  A bit of a stiff breeze today, that will add to our challenge.  Shooting boats on the water has it’s own […]

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8/22/11 Duck Lake Boat Shoot 2012 Model Year

(This is a stream of thought update from Greg VanWagenen, Director of Marketing and Sales Communication, from the recent 2012 model shoots) Mist over the corn fields as we approached the lake.  Always surprising to have this beautiful lake appear, suddenly amongst the verdant farmland.  Beautiful morning, bodes well for a great day of shooting. […]

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Dealer Meeting Wrap-up

The 2012 Manitou Dealer Meeting has just wrapped up. Attendance increased substantially this year, with current dealer and perspective dealer attendance highest in Manitou history. So far, we have successfully signed eight new dealerships. Manitou’s reputation of producing quality and performance boats is becoming the talk of the pontoon industry. Dealers around the country are […]

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Dealer Meeting Preparation

I can’t tell you how many times I have met someone and started a conversation about work. They find out that I work for a company that builds pontoon boats, and 9 times out of 10, the first words out of their mouth are “that must be really fun” or “oh you get to ride […]

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