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Avast! September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Cap'n Slappy and 'Ol ChumbucketWhat started as a round of insults in pirate jargon between two friends in 1995 has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Ever since the popular columnist Dave Barry wrote about Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2002, fans have continually popped up in places as far as Australia and South America.

Mark Summers and John Baur, otherwise known as Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket, are the creators of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or ITLAPD, which is celebrated on September 19. According to the Talk Like a Pirate website, the point of the holiday is to have fun. Continue reading »

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Top 4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Pontoon Boat

This blog post is courtesy of SavvyBoater, which carries a wide selection of top-quality pontoon boat covers, bimini tops,  boat seats and fenders.

A pontoon boat is great for fishing, family outings and parties. No longer looking like they’re built for your grandpa and his fishing buddies, today’s pontoon boats offer smooth rides and sleek finishes. The purchase of such a boat can be a significant recreational investment, so make sure you have all the information you need before making a final decision. Here’s a look at some of the key questions to ask before buying a pontoon:

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Manitou Logo Contest Winners

Congratulations to George Duquette and Marie Terry, the winners of the Manitou Logo Contest! They each will receive a gear bag filled with boating goodies. Enjoy!


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Manitou Logo Contest


People often ask if we have Manitou stickers, logos, and decals available for boats and automobiles. Although we previously have not, we decided to look into it and are in need of your help. What we want to know is: Where would you want to show off the Manitou logo?

Seeing as we happen to have 5 Manitou gear bags filled with cool accessories, we thought we would turn our logo challenge into a fun contest. See below for details on how to enter and have a shot at winning one of the bags.

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Contest Hints

…so, we thought we would give you a peek at what the contest will be about. Keep your eyes on the blog for the official launch, (especially Monday morning).

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National Water Quality Month: How Can You Contribute?

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s the water. Whether you’re out on your boat, taking a shower, drinking from a water bottle, or watering your plants, water plays a vital role in our lives and we certainly would be in trouble without access to this necessary resource.

August is National Water Quality Month, so we wanted to write a post focusing on ways you can help conserve water and keep water as clean as possible while boating and partaking in everyday activities.

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A Contest Is On The Horizon!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer and the water. We haven’t updated the blog in a while, so what better way to return than to post about an upcoming contest we’re having?

We’re not giving away too many details yet, but we wanted to let you know we will soon be featuring a contest right here on this blog (soon, as in early-mid August). We’ve been thinking of ideas for a while and just have a few final things to sort out before it goes live. It won’t be too much longer, though.

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5 Ways to Green Your Boat

With environmental concern on the rise, green products and practices are high in demand. Consumers constantly look for items that are both clean and cost-efficient. When it comes to transportation, there is a plethora of information about cars. When it comes to boats, perhaps not so much is available.

Fortunately, a number of steps can be taken by boat owners to employ green practices. Conserving energy and using environmentally friendly products doesn’t have to break the bank, and making just one small change helps. For those looking to get started or make some general changes, here are 5 popular ways to green your boat.

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Boating Education Infographics: Part 10

This is our last infographic post for this series! Sure, the water is fun, but you have to come out eventually. Here are some tips on how to quickly and efficiently get your boat out of the water.

For more information on boating safety visit

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Boating Education Infographics: Part 9

Personal Flotation Devices are extremely important to wear when boating. Previously we posted a story about a gentleman who said his life was saved because he was wearing a life jacket. Do you have an appropriate PFD?

For more information on boating safety visit

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