Manitou Wins at Lake of the Ozarks going 66 MPH

We want to congratulate Tim Shoening, owner of Tri Toon Town, on his amazing performance at the Lake of the Ozarks at the 2013 Shootout, hitting 66 mph and winning the MP1S1 class with a Manitou pontoon boat and single Evinrude outboard engine. As the announcers at the event noted, it wouldn’t be possible without Manitou’s patented V-Toon® technology. You can watch him fly in his 66 mph run in the video below.

[youtube clip_id=”aNBdlZPxAUc”]











Manitou Sweeps the Outboard Category During the 2014 McKainer Barrel Race

Syracuse, Indiana — Manitou Pontoon Boats took top honors by taking first place in all three outboard motor categories in the Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine’s McKainer Pontoon Barrel Race. The annual race, held on Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana this year, showcases the speed and maneuverability of the top performance pontoon boats on the market. The three outboard motor categories of the Barrel Race
included: Pontoons with outboard power ranging from 150hp and less, pontoons with outboard power from 175-200hp, and pontoons with outboard power of 225hp and more. Here were the results.

Manitou entered the 150hp and Less Class with a Manitou 20 Oasis Angler SHP equipped with a 150HP Yamaha SHO engine and won 1st place with a time of 1:23 – 7 seconds faster than 2nd place.

Manitou entered the 175-200HP Class with a Manitou 21 Oasis SHP equipped with a 200 Yamaha SHO engine and won 1st place with a time of 1:22 – 4 seconds faster than 2nd place.

Manitou entered the 225HP+ Class with a Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angler SHP that was equipped with a 250 Evinrude E-Tec HO engine and won with a time of 1:12 – 7 seconds faster than second place.

"This year we went into the barrel race knowing that our V-Toon technology hulls could do something that had never been done before. No company had ever swept all 3 outboard categories and we wanted to be the first. When I got the call from our crew that we had accomplished our goals I was ecstatic. Seeing that we won by such a large margin in each category made the accomplishment even more impressive. I hope that we have not scared away all of our competitors from next year's race. It seems that every year more and more of them throw in the towel and just come to watch us race" said Scott VanWagenen, President of Manitou Pontoon Boats.

Differences between an extended car warranty and extended boat warranties

Almost sunken boat.Many people either own or are aware of the extended warranties associated with cars, but not everyone is aware that they’re also available for boats. While to some degree auto warranties have a shaky rap (though this should be seen on a case by case basis), it’s worth seeing if an extended warranty for a boat is a sound investment.

Very similar to used car warranties

To a degree, extended warranties for boats and cars are quite similar. First, the general principles are the same. When something breaks, if it’s covered by your specific policy it will be covered to the extent of the terms of your contract. In some cases this will come with a deductible, but again, this is dependent upon your specific contract. Continue reading “Differences between an extended car warranty and extended boat warranties”

How to Send a Distress Call

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How to Transform Your Pontoon Boat into A Floating Party

Your pontoon boat is the premier location for your upcoming soiree. Whether you’re planning festivities for family and friends or a professional party for clients, your pontoon boat is equipped with the amenities and ideal atmosphere to entertain and delight. Pontoon boats’ spacious decks are perfect for guests to mingle, and their versatility allows for leisure and sports, making them fit for all types of get-togethers.

pontoon boat party Continue reading “How to Transform Your Pontoon Boat into A Floating Party”

Firework Boating Safety

One of the perks of owning or having access to a boat is that you have front row seats for firework displays. Many people gather each year to be dazzled by firework shows on the open water. Because the 4th of July festivities are right around the bend, we thought we’d give you a refresher on how to safely and legally enjoy this holiday aboard your boat. Here are some general tips for boating safety during firework displays. Continue reading “Firework Boating Safety”

Buoyancy and the Pontoon Effect

DisplacementImagine that you’re stranded on a deserted island, and you’re lucky enough to find enough materials to construct a boat with two pontoons to attempt to make it back home safely. In that situation, how can you determine the amount of weight that you will be able to carry with you on your boat, and how big do you need to build your pontoons to ensure the boat will not capsize? With a little bit of knowledge of physics and the forces exerted on your boat, you can figure all of that out in no time! First, let’s evaluate the forces in play on a floating boat. Continue reading “Buoyancy and the Pontoon Effect”

The Pontoon Song

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World’s Biggest Boats

Have you ever stared in nautical amazement at a 160ft yacht trolling past your speedboat? Is the largest boat you’ve ever seen the glacier-struck, sinking ship in the film Titanic? Were you impressed when you crammed over 30 people on your pontoon (however illegal it was)? While these boats may seem remarkably gigantic, they are certainly not the biggest there is. Imagine a sailboat more than 20 stories tall, a vessel more than 1,000 feet long or a yacht with 11 guest cabins, three launch pads, two indoor swimming pools, a ballroom and more. Now we’re talking huge. Those are just a few incredible features of the world’s largest boats. Read on for a complete list of the world’s most massive vessels in all their gigantor glory. Continue reading “World’s Biggest Boats”