2016 X-Plode


Build Your Own X-Plode

Color Packages

All 2016 Manitou models come with even more ways to design your boat to match your personal taste and style. Every model offers a unique design and is available with an array of colored walls. The graphics and colors you select are also carried through to coordinate with interior seating vinyl.

X-Plode Wall Colors

All X-Plode wall graphics available on Black, White or Charcoal Metallic Walls

X-plode Blue Graphic on Black Wall

X-plode Charcoal Metallic Wall (shown with Lime Graphic)

X-plode Neutral Graphic on Black Wall

X-plode Red Graphic on Black Wall

X-plode Blackout Package Wall — Carbon fiber graphic with black chrome logos

X-plode Lime Graphic on Black Wall

X-plode White Metallic Wall (shown with Lime Graphic)

X-Plode Furniture Colors

X-plode White/Black

X-plode White/Blue

X-plode White/Lime

X-plode White/Red

X-plode Blackout Bench

X-Plode Flooring Options

We offer a large variety of flooring options to satisfy the multitude of tastes, styles, and performance demands of our customers. Whether you go with a plush carpet, snap-in Sea Grass, or a maintenance free vinyl, you can always count on the very best in quality and finish.

Carpet, Silver

Snap-In Carpet

Snap-In Luna

Beige Vinyl

Grey Teak Vinyl - Vertical Pattern

Grey Teak Vinyl - Angled Pattern

Brown Teak Vinyl - Vertical Pattern

Brown Teak Vinyl - Angled Pattern

Nutmeg Teak Vinyl - Vertical Pattern

Nutmeg Teak Vinyl - Angled Pattern

Almond Teak Vinyl

Tan Luna

Silver Luna

Dark Tan Luna