Boat Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to a whole new world of enjoyment on the water. Investing in a Manitou brings big rewards—like a thrilling ride, smooth handling, unique features, and meticulous craftsmanship. As one of the best boat brands, we at Manitou build style and performance into every one of our Pontoon boats. Does your love of boating center on leisure, performance, or luxury? At Manitou, we design for all three—crafting Pontoon party boats with numerous amenities, the best fishing Pontoons for a relaxing weekend, as well as high-performance Pontoons that deliver peak speeds and deft handling for water sports.

Manitou 2015 Leisure Pontoons

Six Models with Hundreds of Options. Your Choice.

Trust us when we say that your decision making abilities are about to be put to the test. Even so, with six different leisure models and hundreds of options to choose from, we are confident that you will find the boat that more than satisfies both your dreams, and your family’s expectations. And no matter what model you choose, you can always count on Manitou’s tradition of delivering exquisite style, luxury, and industry defining performance.


    A Whole lot of Performance and Luxury. A Heck of a lot of Fun.

    The X-PLODE leaves no doubt as to your intentions on the water. Every time out brings with it the promise of excitement, speed, and unrivaled performance. The X-PLODE is as much a boat for the thrill-seeker as it is the sun worshiper. Yet, no matter how you use it, count on the X-PLODE to deliver.

    • Available Lengths: 23 to 27
    • Available Hulls: SHP
    • $50K - $75K
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  • SES

    The SES is a Pontoon for You, Not the Masses.

    The SES truly defines what Manitou is all about — maximum versatility, precision performance, and ultimate comfort. With five floorplans, and a literal boatload of features and options to choose from, there is nothing like it on the water. Whether it’s for sport, entertainment, or simply cruising the waterways — SES provides the kind of experience that has made Manitou the industry leader.

    • Available Lengths: 23 to 27
    • Available Hulls: Twin Tube, VP or SHP
    • $45K - $75K
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  • Legacy

    When You Set the Standard for Luxury, You’re Bound to Leave a Wake.

    The Legacy is often considered to be the flagship of the Manitou fleet, offering the perfect balance of performance and luxury. And while the Legacy comes standard with many enviable features, nothing about the performance, luxury, or unrivaled performance could ever be mistaken for standard.

    • Available Lengths: 23 to 27
    • Available Hulls: Twin Tube, VP or SHP
    • $35K - $75K
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  • Encore

    Demonstrates How Luxury and Affordability Can Live in Complete Harmony.

    When you experience the unmatched comfort and incredible versatility of the Encore, you’ll quickly understand why it is one of our most popular models. You’d be hard pressed to find another pontoon that offers as much boat for the money.

    • Available Lengths: 23 to 27
    • Available Hulls: Twin Tube, VP or SHP
    • $30K - $65K
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  • Oasis

    Nowhere does it say Luxury and Performance are only for the Lucky Few.

    Impressive luxury and performance — from bow to stern. The Oasis let’s you build, own, and enjoy the boat of your dreams at a very agreeable price.

    • Available Lengths: 20 to 26
    • Available Hulls: Twin Tube, VP or SHP
    • $23K - $55K
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  • Aurora

    Even Our Entry-level Model Rises Above the Rest of the Competition.

    An entry level pontoon that offers more than most mid-level boats — the Aurora can be fitted with whatever bells and whistles you wish. Start small with interior LED track lighting, or go big with a reclining helm chair and dinette table — it’s up to you!

    • Available Lengths: 18 to 25
    • Available Hulls: Twin Tube, VP or SHP
    • $17K - $40K
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Manitou 2015 Angler Pontoons

Getting to Your Favorite Fishing Hold Just Got a Whole lot More Fun.

A lot more goes into a day of fishing than you might think. That’s why Manitou pontoons give today’s fishermen as many special options to choose from as we do on our standard boats. Add in our reputation for stability, reliable performance, and huge offering of standard fishing features, and you’ve yourself an optimal fishing platform. Manitou offers three distinctive fishing models to select from. From die-hard angler to the family weekend fisherman — Manitou has the right pontoon to more than satisfy your needs.

Note: The price ranges shown do not reflect all costs including but not limited to freight, rigging, and taxes.