NE Fishing and Hunting Guide Listings

Many of our Manitou pontoon owners are big outdoorsy types we’ve learned over the years. We can certainly appreciate the love of hunting and fishing and we always appreciate a good vacation. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a few resources for our readers built around these interests. This, our friends, is our first go around at providing some (hopefully) useful information for those of you who enjoy hunting and fishing.

The table below highlights a variety of hunting and fishing guide services in the Northeastern United States. We’d certainly love to hear any more suggestions you have, so please comment if you have some more info you’d like to see shared.

The Maine Hunting GuideHuntingMaine
The Maine Professional Guides AssociationBothMaine
Maine Guides OnlineBothMaine
Cedar Ridge OutfittersBothMaine
Bear Creek LodgeBothMaine
Ross Lake CampsBothMaine
Maine Guide OutfitterBothMaine
Sunrise Ridge GuideBothMaine
Sunset Ridge OutfittersHuntingMaine
Pine Grove LodgeHuntingMaine
The Maine Experience Guide ServiceBothMaine
Blue Moose HideawayBothMaine
Spruce Mountain LodgeHuntingMaine
Allagash Guide ServiceHuntingMaine
Maine Seaduck Guide ServiceBothMaine
Maine Birch Hill CampsBothMaine
Howard Brothers Guide ServiceHuntingMaine
Maine Woodsmen Guide ServiceHuntingMaine
Eagle Mountain Guide ServiceBothMaine
Allagash Wilderness CampBothMaine
Spruce Mountain Guide ServiceHuntingMaine
Fifteen Mile StreamHuntingMaine
Vermont Outdoor Guide AssociationBothVermont
Northeastern Kingdom Wildlife AdventuresHuntingVermont
Northeast Kingdom Guide ServiceBothVermont
Picket Hill Guide ServiceBothVermont
Uncle Jammer’s Guide ServiceFishingVermont
Wild Hill PreserveHuntingVermont
Moose Country Guide ServiceBothNew England States
Whitetail Strategies Guide ServiceBothVermont
Frontier Waterfowl Guide ServiceHuntingVermont
Trout Bum Guide ServiceBothVermont
The Avalon Inn and SpaBothVermont
Vermont Bird HuntingHuntingVermont
Champlain Valley Guide ServiceBothVermont
Pleasant ValleyFly Fishing GuidesFishingVermont
Chuck Kashner’s Guide ServiceFishingVermont
Catamount Fishing Guide ServiceFishingVermont
Vermont Lake Region Fishing ServiceFishingVermont
Peter Basta Guide Service & OutfitterFishingVermont
Stream and Brook Fly FishingFishingVermont
New Hampshire Guide ServicesBothNew Hampshire
Northern New Hampshire Guide ServicesHuntingNew Hampshire
Seacoast Guide ServiceBothNew Hampshire
Northwind Outfitters & Guide ServiceBothNew Hampshire
Cool Water ChartersBoth (2 sites)New Hampshire
New Hampshire Guides AssociationBothNew Hampshire
Deadwater AdventuresBothNew Hampshire
Central New Hampshire GuidesBothNew Hampshire
Tight Lines Fishing ServicesFishingNew Hampshire
Stinson Mountain OutfittersFishingNew Hampshire
Northern Land Guide ServiceBothNew Hampshire
Franconia Mountain Guide ServiceHuntingNew Hampshire
Upland Hunting Guide ServiceHuntingNew Hampshire
TNT Guide ServicesBothNew Hampshire
Swamp Donkey AdventuresHuntingNew Hampshire
Miller Outdoors Guide ServiceBothNew Hampshire
Millstream PreserveHuntingConnecticut
Upland PreserveHuntingConnecticut
Connecticut Fish GuidesFishingConnecticut
Rock & Roll ChartersFishingConnecticut
River ExcitementFishingNew England States
Elser Guide ServicesFishingConnecticut
Captain Dan WoodFishingConnecticut
My Bonnie ChartersFishingConnecticut
Coastal Fishing ChartersFishingConnecticut
Coastline Guide ServiceBothMassachusetts
Baymen Guide ServiceBothMassachusetts
Sea Duck Hunting GuidesBothNew England States
Ocean State OutfittersBothMassachusetts
Perfect Limit Guide ServiceHuntingMassachusetts
Jack ChartersBothMassachusetts
Foggy Mountain Guide ServiceHuntingMassachusetts
Northeast Fly & Spey Fishing Guide ServiceFishingMassachusetts
Flying Fish ChartersFishingMassachusetts
Labrador Fishing ChartersFishingMassachusetts
Taft’s Tackle & Charter ServicesFishingMassachusetts
Harrison AnglersFishingMassachusetts
Stigler Guide ServiceFishingMassachusetts
Fat Tuna GuidesFishingMassachusetts
Gloucester FleetFishingMassachusetts
Snowfly ChartersFishingRhode Island
Adventure ChartersFishingRhode Island
Patterson Guide ServiceFishingRhode Island
Aces Wild ChartersFishingRhode Island
On the Rocks ChartersFishingRhode Island
Stuff It ChartersFishingRhode Island
Flaherty ChartersFishingRhode Island
Skinny Water ChartersFishingRhode Island
Drifter ChartersFishingRhode Island
Night Owl ChartersFishingRhode Island
Other links you may find useful in your quest for hunting and fishing guides: