Manitou Owner Testimonials

“We love the boat!” “What a head turner!” “Everything we wanted in a pontoon boat”

Here at Manitou, we’re proud to be consistently ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Pontoon Boats” by J.D. Power. Likewise, we’re thrilled by all the positive pontoon boat reviews we’ve receiving in the most popular boating magazines, but our most valued pontoon boat ratings of all are the testimonials that we receive directly from you, our customers.

Read What Our Current Customers Have to Say About Our Pontoon Boats

  • How does your SHP handle in rough water?

    When we got down there at the tail end of Memorial Day weekend, the lake looked like the Indian Ocean during hurricane season. I tore off in the Manitou at 30mph catching more air than water... it was like being on a SeaDoo.  I had people in other boats yelling and giving us thumbs up. The boat handles in the roughest water I have seen.

    R. Bennett Tulsa, OK

  • How has your Manitou experience been?

    I am writing to thank Teresa Brandt in customer service. She was extremely helpful taking care of a problem for me. She followed up quickly and was kind and friendly to work with. It the end the problem was most likely my fault but she helped me through it. I was very pleased she took the time out of her busy day to follow up and get back with me so quickly. We have several Manitou pontoon boats on our lake. I have owned a Manitou pontoon for 17 years. My first model was purchased in 1995 and traded in last year on a 22' Oasis. The 1995 Manitou was in great shape when I traded it in for my new Oasis. The flooring was original and like new. It was used several times each week due to living on a lake. The 1995 was in such great shape, due to the quality of the boat, that the dealer sold it the next day. I will tell my story of the great customer service from your company every time I get the chance. I will be a lifetime owner of your pontoons. I would be happy to write a Testimonial for your company. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks again Teresa.

    Warren Brown

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    ...loving my X-plode and the speed. Still hard to think of speed and pontoon all in the same sentence! Poor Baja's, they feel a bit funny about losing a race to a toon. Great boat! :)

    J. Zeilenga

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    My wife Debbie and I are really getting excited about the new Manitou!! We went and test drove one of your boats and we were so impressed with the ride that we ordered ours that day. The Boat really impressed us and the folks at Bear Mountain Marine made the buying experience a no pressure pleasent easy going time.

    D. Steed

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    I answered: Well not in that way of course. But when your SHP Oasis can hit 40 mph on a bad day and obviously earn you a reputation on the lake, what isn't there to love?

    R. Voisin

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    Dear Sirs,

    My wife and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with our new Manitou Legacy. It is everything that we wanted in a pontoon boat and more. It handles like a speed boat and at 30 mph it is so quiet that normal conversation is possible. The HO 250 hp Evinrude is smooth, quiet and powerful. The fit and finished on the boat is excellent right down to the wiring and hardware. It says something good about your employees and the quality of products made in the U.S.A. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the buying experience we had with Bear Mountain Marine in Vonore, TN. Allen Miller, the owner, was more than we expected. He took us on a test cruise and explained every detail of the boat/engine and safety features. His knowledge of the Manitou was thorough and complete. What a GREAT buying experience. Thanks to all!

    Debbie and David Steed.

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    A quick note of thanks. We picked up our 2010 Encore 24 SHP with 250 Evinrude a couple of weeks ago and are just as sold now as we were before we took delivery. We loved out Oasis bi-toon, but the SHP is simply amazing. As director of Marketing you might like to know; a friend with a bass boat was impressed by the speed and handling...not to mention you can load the Manitou up with a bunch of folks and refreshments and go all day.

    Thanks again,
    T. Turner

  • What do you think about your new SHP?

    Howdy Greg- we really really LOVE our 2011 Manitou Oasis 22 VP tritoon w/150HP Yamaha w/SS prop.. handles like a dream.. we added the power assisted steering. Our boat handles the 2-3 ft. chop and 40mph wind gusts GREAT! we are extremely happy with our choice in buying a Manitou. Hats off to Marty at Palmetto Marine in Greenville,SC he delivered our boat last Friday and bent over backwards to add the power assisted steering and make sure we are completely happy. I'll post some pictures soon on your Manitou Factory Facebook page.

    Looking forward to getting our $300 Visa gift card for the Spring Savings Event.

    Robert and Donna Lahser in Gastonia, NC

  • What do you think of your new SHP?

    Our Manitou 373 Legacy with Evinrude E-TEC 200 HO is awesome. The more we use it - the more fun it is!

    K. Doyle
    Northern Michigan

  • What do you think of your new SHP?

    This handled those rollers better than any, I mean ANY boat I have ever been in, It was smoother than our friends 38 Special. He told me I was nuts for buying a pontoon, Just wait till he is in it and we do the same thing! This ain't your everyday pontoon boat!

    B. Hermann
    Lake Ozark, MO

  • What do you think of your new SHP?

    I couldn't have bought a better Pontoon. WOW. Awesome power, looks, handling, and everything else.

    L. Doyle
    Lake Orion, MI

  • What do you think of your new SHP?

    How do I start this , WOW What a head turner , our SHP was a big hit over the 4th on the Indian River and on Burt Lake . The rumble from the captain's exhaust surprised most people and if their hearing was bad, the colors and wake tower got their attention. Everyone loved the boat. On our first voyage out, a woman on a 24' boat warned us on the river, that the lake was rough and we might want to rethink taking a pontoon out on the lake. My son and I smiled when we saw the whitecaps on the lake. We powered out of the river on to the lake and skipped over the waves with big grins on our faces, my cheeks are still sore from smiling. What a joy to be out on the water and watch a vee - hull boat slap up and down, while we would power by them on a pontoon boat. Our friends are seasoned boaters and were amazed to see a pontoon boat carve high speed turns on the lake and do tight 360's. We love the boat, I get my speedboat and my wife enjoys the comforts of a pontoon boat. My son loves to swim off the platform and kneeboard and tube behind the boat.

    J. Kochensparger
    Indian Lake, MI

  • What was your first impression of the Manitou X-plode SHP?

    It is a strange thing but I am excited about a pontoon, something I would have never in a million years considered until I saw your boat...

    R. Haynes
    Troy, MI

  • Why did you buy your SHP?

    Grand Lake has 1300 miles of lake shore and is 37 miles in length. As a result, the lake attracts the largest boats in the state/country resulting in significant chop. As such, it's widely known that people with smaller boats (24 ft and under) will not enjoy their day.  I bought the Manitou to accommodate larger groups of people comfortable while handling the serious chop and not having to buy a expensive cabin cruiser. Even though it's 24 ft, the v-toon and stabilizers result in my Manitou gliding across the white caps.

    R. Bennett