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At Manitou Pontoon Boats, we’ve never been content with the status quo. Oh sure, we’ve won the CSI Award for customer satisfaction fourteen years in a row, but aside from that, we don’t like to repeat ourselves. So while other Pontoon boat manufacturers tinker with simple upgrades to seat fabrics and color schemes, we’re continually innovating.

We’re known for our fresh template and clean slate approach, but we’re also all about ramping up performance, building in more features, and developing new types of Pontoon boats altogether. It’s all part of our ongoing mission to make the best Pontoon boats even better.

2017 V-Toon Technology
Manitou Making Waves Again?


As a leading pontoon manufacturer, Manitou also leads the way in making news. Introducing V-Toon® technology, an innovation so significant it was awarded a broadened U.S. Patent distinct from the original patent. Think tritoon Pontoon with an ingenious twist—instead of building all three toons to uniform size, we made one toon larger, centering a 27" center aluminum tube 1.25" below the outer tubes. This provided the optimum 5.25" differential. We then fitted the tubes with strategically engineered positive angle lifting strakes.

The results? Dramatically enhanced planing, performance, and efficiency. Imagine a pontoon that accelerates, planes, and turns much like a traditional V-hull boat at high speed. Better yet, try one and see it in action for yourself.

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What’s your Pontoon boat personality? Whether you’re aiming to sunbathe in style on the water, fish in comfort with easy access to storage, show off some serious sports muscle, or kick back with family and friends, Manitou has the Pontoon boat for you. From luxury Pontoon boats that prove surprisingly affordable to fast Pontoon boats that combine safety with performance, we love coming up with new ways to delight our customers.

Find your perfect Manitou V-Toon boat now. Browse our buying guide and consider our different floor plan options and color packages. Request a brochure to view our 2017 models in all their glory. Then use our Dealer Locator to find a knowledgeable Manitou Pontoon boat dealer nearest to you.

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We feel there‘s always room for improvement in our boats. Be it acceleration and turning, smoothness in ride, safety, or even something as simple as adding a few comfort elements to make the experience more enjoyable. It‘s this restless passion to define “what‘s next” that has resulted in the Manitou name being synonymous with performance. A great amount of our time is spent researching how our boats work in the water. From that research, we‘ve made precision changes to the design, fabrication, and placement of the tubes, so that they are capable of supporting much higher horsepower, and ultimately, deliver far superior handling. Today‘s Manitou pontoons are available in two different hull configurations, and multiple packages — each one developed using this performance enhancing research and design.

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