2013 Boat Show Debuts

Believe it or not, 2013 is almost here and with the new year comes a new season of boat shows. Starting January 4, we’ll be attending shows all over America – in fact, we’ve got 49 events lined up. All our stops, hours, and show information can be found on our events page.

What’s New

25 SES Entertainer
Our newest wave of SES pontoon designs is a little different than those of our traditional boats. The most recent floorplan offers a bar group, refrigerator, built in grill, and corean counter tops, which altogether resemble a bar or kitchen.

Here are some specifics:

Bar Features
-Bar Seating with 4 adjustable height Stools
-4 Cup Holders
-Blue LED lighting under the bar group

Galley Features
-Built in Stainless Steel Propane Grill
-Built in Refrigerator (Includes Dual Battery Smart Switch)
-Sink with 5 gallon fresh water tank
-Built in Trash Can
-Blue LED Lighting around the Galley

You can view the images below for a preview of what’s in store.
25 SES Entertainer_-24

25 SES Entertainer_-23

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