5 Boating and Fishing Feeds to Follow on Twitter

If you’re like me, Twitter is still a bit of a mystery sometimes. There’s a ton of information flying around, and trying to pick out what’s useful and what isn’t can be like staring at one of those computer screens of descending green digits like they had in The Matrix. So to simplify, we’ve picked out a few interesting Tweeps (that’s what they call them) for you to follow if you’re into boating and fishing. Of course, we already assume you’re following us at http://twitter.com/manitoupontoons


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Even the bird gets confused.

Predict Wind

Predict Wind hails from New Zealand and typically caters to the sailboat crowd, but tends to have some fun links on general boating news and weather as well.  Definitely worth checking out, as more than 12,500 people follow them already.

Take Me Fishing

Into fishing? Take Me Fishing provides a heavy stream of links full of fishing stories, pictures, news, recipes and anything else you can think of fishing related.

Boating Magazine

You guessed it, it’s Boating Magazine’s Twitter feed. If you like the magazine you’ll probably find a lot of things worth following on their feed, full of all kinds of cool photos and videos.

I Love Boats

Yes, these people love boats. They Tweet about it. A lot. They crank out a ton of information on places to buy boats and boating gear, news, random facts and quotes…I’m convinced. If you question these people’s love of boats, you likely are still questioning gravity.

Thomas Paylor

Primarily focuses on fishing in the UK, but still has a ton of cool links, how else would I have found out about a change to go fishing with a star (http://bit.ly/qHF3lC)?