6 Reasons You Need a Boat Cover

Our friends at SavvyBoater.com shared this great infographic with us about 6 reasons you need a boat cover.

Here’s their description:

Conscientious boat owners realize the importance of putting their watercraft to bed for winter. Failure to winterize your boat can result in a host of maintenance problems – and ultimately can shorten the life of your boat.

One of the best ways to protect your boat during the winter is to invest in a boat cover. When properly fitted, a boat cover can increase the longevity of your craft by up to 30 percent. To help boat owners understand the benefits of using a boat cover, we’ve put together the following infographic:

Note: Click the infographic to see the enlarged version.

Reasons for Boat Covers Infographic


One thought on “6 Reasons You Need a Boat Cover

  1. I believe boat covers are a necessity if you own a boat simply for primary protection from dirt and all. But the infographic clearly showed more reasons why we should use a boat cover and how to actually choose the best one for our boat.

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