A Contest Is On The Horizon!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer and the water. We haven’t updated the blog in a while, so what better way to return than to post about an upcoming contest we’re having?

We’re not giving away too many details yet, but we wanted to let you know we will soon be featuring a contest right here on this blog (soon, as in early-mid August). We’ve been thinking of ideas for a while and just have a few final things to sort out before it goes live. It won’t be too much longer, though.

We don’t want to be too subtle, so we’ll share that this will be a picture contest. Regardless of whether you have a digital camera, camera phone, or any other type of picture capturing device, as long as you follow the rules and email the photo to us you can be featured on our blog and have a chance to win some cool prizes. We might even post the prizes before the contest airs so you can get an idea of what could end up with in your possession.

Overall, we want you to get creative and have fun with this. Another great fact? Although some contests only have one winner, our contest will have five. We will post the contest description and rules on here, but we will be putting links to the live contest on Facebook and Twitter. The contest is in no way associated with Facebook and Twitter, however, so you don’t need a social media profile to enter.

We hope for a lot of entries, so be sure to keep your eye on the blog and help spread the word in the meantime!