Fishing for Bass Fishing Keywords on Google

The top 100 bass fishing related keywords on Google

What are bass fishing enthusiasts searching for online? When do they search for boats compared to angling techniques? It would seem that bass fishing-related keywords would be most heavily searched in the spring, when big bass are swimming shallow. Research on the subject, however, showed diverse results – results that retailers should take note of.

In an effort to better understand how anglers and other bass fishing aficionados were seeking out information on Google, we teamed with Netvantage Marketing to conduct research on 100 of the top bass fishing related terms on Google. Utilizing the Google Keyword Planner, we examined the top 100 suggested results for bass fishing to seek out trends, as well as which related keywords were the most heavily searched. We looked at data ranging from November 2009 through October 2010.

Annual Bass Fishing Total Volume - top 100 keywords

Overall search volume growth across the major engines will likely fall between 10-20 percent year to year, so it will be interesting to note how the next two months of search data compare to November and December of 2009, which were easily the lowest performing months. Also interesting to note is how closely the volume for all top 100 keywords compares to the most popular term, bass fishing, on a month to month basis. The trend lines are nearly identical (see below).

Bass Fishing Search Volume - top 10 keywords

April and May comprise the largest share of monthly search volume (below), but there are some unique outliers that don’t follow the typical pattern of lower volume in fall and winter, maxing out in the spring and leveling off in the summer.

Percentage of Bass Fishing Keywords by month

Some interesting outliers here are the terms “bass fishing boats” and “bass fishing tips and techniques” with the former showing maximum volumes in August and September, while the latter also peaked in September. This should be interesting news to retailers as a potential opportunity to leverage the internet to market their products in these areas around these times of peak interest. A color coded “heat map” of search volume is available by clicking on the image below.

Bass fishing keyword spreadsheet


Spring, summer and even fall seem to be prime seasons for bass fishers to inquire about the sport on the Web. Data about which keywords are searched which time of year can provide both bass fishers and retailers with valuable information. Retailers are able to market certain products at a specific time of year, while bass fishing fans have the ability to follow fishing trends explored by others year-round.

This post was contributed by Mike Hall