Boats and…Snow?

Perhaps it’s just cabin fever, but in the past week we thought to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find some pictures of boats in the snow?” Either everyone in the room was confused or they didn’t disagree enough to say anything, so we scoured the web in search of some interesting photos…and the results can be seen below.

USCG Photo by MSU Valdez

It’s been said that loose lips sink ships, in Valdez, Alaska (above) and in Alexandria, Virginia (below) snowfall can as well.

Photo by BoatUS

A boat that’s on its way to joining its sunken comrades…or a speedboat made of styrofoam?

Photo by Magnethy

“This boat is so fluffy I’m going to die!”

Photo by AstridWestvang

And this is an actual boat made out of snow. It also appears to be piloted by…Julius Caesar?

Photo by calwhiz
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