Manitou Sweeps the Outboard Category During the 2014 McKainer Barrel Race

Syracuse, Indiana — Manitou Pontoon Boats took top honors by taking first place in all three outboard motor categories in the Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine’s McKainer Pontoon Barrel Race. The annual race, held on Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana this year, showcases the speed and maneuverability of the top performance pontoon boats on the market. The three outboard motor categories of the Barrel Race
included: Pontoons with outboard power ranging from 150hp and less, pontoons with outboard power from 175-200hp, and pontoons with outboard power of 225hp and more. Here were the results.

Manitou entered the 150hp and Less Class with a Manitou 20 Oasis Angler SHP equipped with a 150HP Yamaha SHO engine and won 1st place with a time of 1:23 – 7 seconds faster than 2nd place.

Manitou entered the 175-200HP Class with a Manitou 21 Oasis SHP equipped with a 200 Yamaha SHO engine and won 1st place with a time of 1:22 – 4 seconds faster than 2nd place.

Manitou entered the 225HP+ Class with a Manitou 22 Encore Pro Angler SHP that was equipped with a 250 Evinrude E-Tec HO engine and won with a time of 1:12 – 7 seconds faster than second place.

"This year we went into the barrel race knowing that our V-Toon technology hulls could do something that had never been done before. No company had ever swept all 3 outboard categories and we wanted to be the first. When I got the call from our crew that we had accomplished our goals I was ecstatic. Seeing that we won by such a large margin in each category made the accomplishment even more impressive. I hope that we have not scared away all of our competitors from next year's race. It seems that every year more and more of them throw in the towel and just come to watch us race" said Scott VanWagenen, President of Manitou Pontoon Boats.

Boating Magazine Reviews the Manitou 23 Legacy SHP

The reviews are in and the Legacy is a hit! Here’s what America’s leading pontoon boat magazine had to say:
After a seven-year wait, Manitou finally received a patent for its V-Toon technology in 2012. The concept allows a pontoon to perform much like a fiberglass V-hull by sandwiching twin 23-inch-diameter pontoons around a center 27-inch pontoon, dropping more than five inches lower in the water. Add in lifting strakes on both sides of all three logs, and you’ve got a boat that essentially has a deadrise angle. As such, it banks into a turn much like its fiberglass counterparts, and displays surprisingly aggressive handling. Fitted with an Evinrude 250 HO E-TEC, the Legacy 23 planed almost instantly and peaked at more than 50 mph.
The Legacy offers a more traditional pontoon layout. Forward, horseshoe lounges feature flip-up armrests. An L-shaped bench with a rear-facing portside backrest begins adjacent to the helm to enhance conversation. Aft, a nearly 6-foot-wide sun pad offers room for sun lovers. It lifts on a gas strut to reveal the “toy box”, an expansive compartment that will swallow up skis, wakeboards and the like.
Captains will appreciate the elevated helm, raised 3 inches off the deck to provide a less-obstructed view forward. SeaDeck matting covers the base. The same traction material is used on the extended, molded-fiberglass aft deck.
That’s some review! Now see for yourself what made this pontoon boat magazine rave. Request a brochure and locate a Manitou dealer near you.

Teleflex Xtreme Steering is Standard on all Twin Tube 2013 Manitou Models


Boat Builder To Install New Xtreme Mechanical or SeaStar® Hydraulic Steering On All 2013 Models.

Teleflex Marine announced that Manitou Pontoon Boats, manufacturer of a full line of pontoon boats including the popular X-plode series with patented V-Toon®Technology, will offer their buyers a choice of either the new Xtreme mechanical or SeaStar hydraulic steering systems. With Teleflex Marine’s Xtreme system, customers can enjoy a new level of steering ease and control on a wide range of Manitou pontoons.

Manitou is the first company to fully commit to our new Xtreme system, said Tom Douglass, VP of sales and marketing for Teleflex Marine.  We appreciate Manitou’s confidence in our new system. Their customers will be thrilled with the performance.

Teleflex Marine Xtreme Steering reduces the effort required to turn the wheel in boats with higher horsepower engines or hulls with large wetted surfaces, such as pontoons. A key to this new systems performance is Teleflex Marines Xtreme Steering Cable. This robust, high performance cable features splined ridges on the inner liner for minimal contact between the liner and core. The resulting reduction in cable friction not only improves performance, it keeps the entire steering system running smoother, longer.

This new generation steering cable is matched with Teleflex Marines new Xtreme Steering Helm featuring a
high-efficiency, custom gear train and an improved No Feedback (NFB) clutch that minimizes the affects of
engine torque.

Manitou Pontoon Boats has always taken pride in providing the BEST steering available to our customers, giving them a pleasurable and safe boating experience. Young or old, male or female, everyone will feel comfortable driving a Manitou. To accomplish this, we have made the investment in customer satisfaction by offering only Teleflex Xtreme Mechanical Steering, SeaStar Hydraulic Steering or SeaStar Power Assist Steering as STANDARD equipment said Scott Vanwagenen, President of Manitou Pontoon Boats.

To learn more about new Teleflex Xtreme or SeaStar steering systems, visit the Teleflex Marine website at


Manitou Receives Additional Patent Protection on V-Toon Technology Hulls

Lansing, MI – On May 29, 2012, Triton Industries was issued a United States patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,186,291) giving additional protection to their revolutionary V-toon® style pontoon boat. This expanded patent protection was issued nearly a year to the day after the original patent. The original patent covered pontoon hulls having a center tube that was lower than 2 inches compared to the outside tubes. The new patent covers pontoon hulls with any difference in depth between the center tube and the outside tubes.

This newly broadened patent covers the company’s high performance pontoon boats with handling characteristics that replicate those of an exceptional V-hull. One of the features encompassed in the patent is the differential depth between the inner and outer pontoon tubes creating a sufficient amount of deadrise to allow for traditional V-hull handling. Another key component of the invention is the inclusion of hull features to enhance the planing, performance and efficiency of the craft. Manitou has been at the cutting edge of performance pontoon boats since the introduction of this product.

Pontoon boats have been historically viewed as stodgy underperforming style hulls. The original style of pontoon boat utilizes two tubes making it essentially a displacement hull. Though offering generous floor space and comfort, these pontoon boats do not respond efficiently to added horsepower or normally to increased speeds. Even standard triple pontoon tube models that have no deadrise come up short in the handling and ride category.

What is most exciting about the patented hull is that it provides solutions to these two deficiencies (hull inefficiency and poor handling characteristics) of traditional pontoon boat hulls. These patented hulls efficiently profit from increases in horsepower and offer a family friendly craft that, besides providing all the normal advantages of a pontoon boat, also exceed expectations in watersport activities. These boats also heel (bank) normally, safely and predictably in a turn.

Within the Manitou lineup, all SHP models and all VP models are covered under this patent. The SHP models are the higher performing hulls and can achieve speeds over 50 mph. The VP models are limited to 150 hp and can achieve speeds over 40 mph. 

Manitou and Evinrude Take on Miami

Manitou and Evinrude put on quite the show this year at the Miami Boat Show. Customers who came down to the docks experienced first hand how well V-Toon Technology handles the ocean waters. The 250 HO powered the Manitou over waves and around Yachts all week long to the delight of many boating enthusiast who did not know a pontoon could handle the waters of Miami.

2011 Manitou Pontoon Boats Promotional Video On Youtube

As Manitou enters its 25th year in business in 2011, we are marking this special occasion with a unique model the 25th Anniversary Edition Xplode, which will only be available for this model year.  The 2011 model years marks Manitou’s 25th year of business. Check out our 2011 Anniversary Video below to see how Manitou continues to revolutionize the pontoon boat industry.