Manitou Wins at Lake of the Ozarks going 66 MPH

We want to congratulate Tim Shoening, owner of Tri Toon Town, on his amazing performance at the Lake of the Ozarks at the 2013 Shootout, hitting 66 mph and winning the MP1S1 class with a Manitou pontoon boat and single Evinrude outboard engine. As the announcers at the event noted, it wouldn’t be possible without Manitou’s patented V-Toon® technology. You can watch him fly in his 66 mph run in the video below.

[youtube clip_id=”aNBdlZPxAUc”]











The Pontoon Song

Whether or not you’re a big time country fan, it’s hard to think of a song other than Pontoon by Little Big Town that more accurately describes a perfect summer – spending a lazy day out on the water on a pontoon boat without a care in the world. If you’re also a fan of Pontoon by Little Big Town, we’ve put together a few resources for anyone interested in learning how to play the song, sing it, or just listen to it. Continue reading “The Pontoon Song”

Michigan Makes Waves As One of the Nation’s Top Boating States

The Great Lakes state celebrated National Fishing and Boating Week as sixth best for boating

June 4-12 was National Fishing and Boating Week, and what better way for Michigan to celebrate than as one of the nation’s leading boating states. The National Marine Manufacturers Association in union with Discover Boating announced on June 8 the nation’s top ten states for boating. The list was created based on 2010 industry sales and popular water destinations statewide.

Michigan ranks sixth on the list-just behind Florida, Texas and North Carolina, to name a few-with $350 million in annual industry expenditures like powerboats, motors, trailers and boating accessories, as well as popular on-the-water destinations. Harbor Springs, Michigan, located on the northern shore of Little Traverse Bay, was ranked as the state’s most thriving waterfront destination-bringing both beauty and business to the area. Continue reading “Michigan Makes Waves As One of the Nation’s Top Boating States”

Pictures of Pontoon Boats

Free images from Manitou Pontoon Boats

From time to time we’re aware that bloggers or other online journalists may be looking to supplement their writing with an appropriate image to fit their work. Often times it can be difficult to find a professional image, however. With that in mind, we decided we would share some images of the professional images of our pontoon boats with exactly this audience. In return, we simply ask that you provide a link back to the Manitou website and that the photos not have the composition altered or remixed (resizing or cropping is acceptable).

To add the image to your site, copy and paste the html code beneath each image into your html editor. Continue reading “Pictures of Pontoon Boats”