Friends of Manitou: Gavin Smith Photography

As far back as Gavin Smith can remember, he used to sneak in his dad’s closet to borrow his professional camera. Putting his own film inside, he’d shoot a series of pictures and then carefully replace his dad’s roll of film. Eventually, he learned to use the camera better than his dad.

In high school, Gavin took art and photography classes. In college, he focused on video production and worked in that area for 12 to 15 years while still doing photography on the side.

Then, when digital cameras were introduced, he purchased all new equipment and started shooting more part-time weekend jobs, and people loved his photos.

“Within a year of digital being  around I stopped doing video and started doing photography full time,” he said.

Ultimately, he calls it a hobby gone awry.

About Gavin Smith

Even if you don’t recognize him by name, you’ve probably seen his work. Gavin Smith has been the Detroit Lions photographer for the last senen seasons, and he also works with the Red Wings and other professional sports teams. His photos have been published in popular magazines such as NFL, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

When he’s not on the sidelines, Gavin takes senior pictures, youth sport photos, baby and family portraits, and wedding photos. He takes pride in having a talented, well-trained staff and always aims to exceed client expectations.

“Everything that leaves here is okayed by me,” he said. “We are a well-established photo company, but we stay true to our roots and make sure the quality, boutique style is there from start to finish.”

Partnership With Manitou

pontoon boat

Gavin said he has been working with Manitou for about 5 years, and his studio supplies all the photos for the website and brochures. On average, they take about 15,000 photos per shoot.

“It’s the one photo shoot I look forward to every year because it’s like visiting family,” he said. “What photographer doesn’t want to be out on the water surrounded by fun people?”

He praises Manitou for being a successful, family-run business with exceptionally friendly staff and quality products. He says their attention to detail as well as overall love and care they put into their products certainly shows.

What’s New

Gavin Smith Photography currently is in the process of consolidating their three Michigan studios into one location in Linden, Michigan – a 1908 3-story firehouse they’re completely renovating. They hope to be fully moved in to the new studio in 3 months, and they’re planning on shooting a lot of behind-the-scenes photos that will be shared on their blog and social media networks.

Gavin said he’s also excited to get back to work with the Red Wings and looks forward to seeing who the Lions receive in the upcoming draft.

For more information on Gavin Smith Photography, the official website is here. He also can be found on Facebook and Twitter.