If Boaters Were Donors…

We recently came across this infographic about 2012 presidential campaign spending as well as the costs of other campaigns in history. Would you believe $2 billion was spent on both Obama and Romney? Few can even imagine what $2 billion could buy, and that got us thinking…

What if boaters were donors? What could $2 billion buy in boating-related supplies? Here are our rough estimates.

13.3 million fishing rods

Fishing Rod

1.4 million high-end fishfinders


66.6 million life jackets

Life Jackets

400 million inflatable innertubes

Pool Tubes

133.3 million pairs of swim trunks

Swim Trunks

80,000 pontoon boats

Pontoon cartoon

8.7 million boat covers

Pontoon Boat Cover

89,242 pontoon trips around the Earth (we didn’t account for gravity)

Pontoon Boats Around the World


What would you buy with $2 billion dollars?