National Safe Boating Week Wrap-Up

Today is the 26th of May, which means the 2012 National Safe Boating Week has officially passed.


With all the information out there including what we have shared, that from the National Safe Boating Council, and everything else others have published, we hope you have learned a lot more about safe boating (or at least refreshed your memory). Thanks for following us this week.

Although this past week was specifically designated to promote safe boating, such practices should always be encouraged year-round. It is important to be knowledgable about boating safety, engage in safety checks and use responsible behavior whenever operating or riding on a boat. Children need to be taught correct safety measures.

As Memorial Day approaches, we hope you enjoy your time on the water this weekend with friends and family. We will continue to post on this blog, so be sure to check back in the future for updates.