When it comes to a precision performance pontoon, skimping on the steering is not an option.

The steering system is one of the most important features on our pontoons for a simple reason: When you’re operating a boat designed for high-performance, the steering system has to deliver the same level of performance. This is precisely why we use the highest-quality parts and materials in our steering systems.


    Developed specifically for higher-horsepower boats with larger hulls, the Xtreme Steering System dramatically reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel. Central to the function of the Xtreme system is a high-performance cable that reduces friction between the liner and the cable itself, allowing for reduced resistance turning as well as a longer lasting system. The Xtreme Steering System is available on all Twin Tube Manitou pontoon boats.


    We chose to use the SeaStar® Hydraulic Steering because it’s a high-performance steering system built for high-performance boats. When you’re charging across the water, it’s good to know your steering system can handle the critical demand. SeaStar Hydraulic Steering offers uncompromised, nearly effortless steering control. It is a standard feature on all VP models.


    With Seastar® Power Assist Steering, turning the steering wheel on your pontoon will feel much like turning the wheel on your car. This steering system gives you fingertip control with smooth and steady precision. Equipped with Kevlar hoses and a 2.4 Ratio Helm Pump, this premier no-feedback system delivers uncompromised control, exceptional performance, and unmatched levels of comfort and safety. Power Assist is standard on all SHP models.