SES Floorplan Studio Photoshoot: A Sneak Peek

Today we shot our new SES floorplans at a studio in Auburn Hills, MI. The new floorplans were launched in late December, making it difficult to get outdoor pictures in Michigan. By using the studio, we avoided the weather and were able to shoot each floorplan by plugging components in and out of the boat as we shot them.

SES floorplan

SES photoshoot

pontoon boat photos

This time lapse video shows our day in the studio shooting each version of this unique pontoon. Creating the optimal lighting conditions took quite a bit of time; all the stainless steel and aluminum create hot spots and unwanted reflections if they are not placed just right. After the lights were in position, it was smooth sailing.

One thought on “SES Floorplan Studio Photoshoot: A Sneak Peek

  1. We just took delivery of our 25ft Manitou SES Entertainer, took it our for the first time last night and WOW!!! Beyond a gorgeous boat with a full teak floor, interior and exterior LED lighting and raised helm, this boat handles like a dream! We are beyond thrilled with how it shoots out of the hole, turns and at top speed you can actually hold a conversation without it sounding like a shouting match. We waited three years before we finally decided to buy a Manitou and after seeing the Entertainer package, we knew this was the boat for us. Memorial weekend is in 2 days we we cannot wait to get it on the sandbar, take the kids out and “get our shine on” with a night cruise. Thank you Manitou for building our first Manitou. We love it!

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