8/22/11 Duck Lake Boat Shoot 2012 Model Year

(This is a stream of thought update from Greg VanWagenen, Director of Marketing and Sales Communication, from the recent 2012 model shoots)

Mist over the corn fields as we approached the lake.  Always surprising to have this beautiful lake appear, suddenly amongst the verdant farmland.  Beautiful morning, bodes well for a great day of shooting.

Sky over the lake is baby blue with trailing cloudy wisps, not unlike the wake behind   a boat.  A group of swans grace the water, their images reflecting in the clam, mirror-like surface.  Maybe the lake should be renamed Swan Lake?

fisheye shot of boat on lake

It’s always a slow start on the first day of the shoot.  We are all rusty; a few hours later and Team Manitou is a fine tuned machine.  The questions come easily, and better yet, the answers flow with creativity.

  • Which boat next?
  • What is our motivation? Atmosphere?
  • Who are the best models for this shot?
  • What shall they wear?
  • Props?  Too many, over kill.  Just the right amount set the scene.
  • Load ‘em up…jump on the shoot boat…fire up the walkie talkies and get another shot in the can.

Of course we shoot a lot of young people for the brochure.  Lots of obvious reasons, but you can add free time, youthfulness, and lots of choices in swimwear to that list.  Interesting to watch them as they patiently wait for the model time.   One with a book, several with magazines, but ALL with cell phones.  Cell phones that, even in this fairly remote spot, on a glorious day at the lake, are GLUED to their hands, ears and eyes.  Checking texts. Playing games.  My how things have changed.  I tried to imagine what they would be doing if there were no cell phones.  What did kids do at the beach before the advent of this hand vice?   Probably there were more conversations and interactions. Possibly more physical activity, tossing a football or Frisbee.