Salmon Resources

salmon jumpingWe find salmon to be one of the most interesting species of fish in the world. Salmon will travel up to 2,400 miles from the ocean without eating to the exact tributary where they were born. Along the way, they face waterfalls, beaver dams, bears, eagles and humans. Of the 10 percent that achieve the opportunity to spawn, their glory is rather short, as they all die soon afterwards. Talk about determination! Here are a few more fun facts about salmon that you may not have known about:

  • It was a Native American legend that salmon would return to the exact location where they were born to spawn. It took years for technology to catch up to prove that the legend was exactly true.
  • Salmon are one of the few species on earth that are “anadromous”, meaning they live their lives both in freshwater and saltwater.
  • Although still quite unknown, some species of salmon are believed to travel as far as to Japan before returning to the same river where they were born.
  • Salmon rely on their strong sense of smell to help guide them to the tributary where they were born. They also use ocean currents, tides, and the gravitational pull of the moon while in the ocean.
  • Some species of salmon, like the Sockeye, drastically change color when returning to freshwater to spawn.


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