Manitou Logo Contest


People often ask if we have Manitou stickers, logos, and decals available for boats and automobiles. Although we previously have not, we decided to look into it and are in need of your help. What we want to know is: Where would you want to show off the Manitou logo?

Seeing as we happen to have 5 Manitou gear bags filled with cool accessories, we thought we would turn our logo challenge into a fun contest. See below for details on how to enter and have a shot at winning one of the bags.

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A Contest Is On The Horizon!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer and the water. We haven’t updated the blog in a while, so what better way to return than to post about an upcoming contest we’re having?

We’re not giving away too many details yet, but we wanted to let you know we will soon be featuring a contest right here on this blog (soon, as in early-mid August). We’ve been thinking of ideas for a while and just have a few final things to sort out before it goes live. It won’t be too much longer, though.

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