Knots? Yeah, More Knots – With Video!

Do a lot of boating? Thinking about doing a lot of boating? If you answered yes to either of these questions there’s a chance you could use a refresher or an initial lesson on knots. Below are some of the more popular nautical knots brought to you in technicolor…well, at least in moderately clear digital video via the wonders of YouTube!

How to tie a bowline knot.

[youtube clip_id=”hIdsTZTUl6E”]

Clove hitch knot

[youtube clip_id=”aewgmUeHpuE”]

Figure eight/flemish/savoy knot

[youtube clip_id=”0CnYmY_B938″]

Fisherman’s Knot (also known as angler’s knot, English knot, Englishman’s bend, halibut knot, true lover’s bend, waterman’s knot)

[youtube clip_id=”TP-8YjOilKA”]

Lark’s head knot (also known as a cow hitch or lanyard hitch)

[youtube clip_id=”WyzUmetVJFA”]

Reef/Square Knot

[youtube clip_id=”cuNwp_Pi33s”]

Rolling Hitch (also known as the magner’s hitch, magnus hitch, tautline hitch)

[youtube clip_id=”vEV0p-QNPTU”]

Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

[youtube clip_id=”UwugWaV7X-E”]


[youtube clip_id=”PMm8b1J7JoU”]

Sheet Bend (also known as a common bend or flag bend)

[youtube clip_id=”x3reZ3NuGaQ”]

Double Sheet Bend

[youtube clip_id=”hxd2KehEJvc”]

Thief Knot

[youtube clip_id=”2hCbwM17je8″]

Thumb Knot/Overhand knot

[youtube clip_id=”401bPIUY9Qs”]

Timber Hitch

[youtube clip_id=”u7TT1IcEYPY”]

For more knots and info please check out the sources of these great videos:

The Notable Knots Have Moved!


If you’re not a follower of technology news it’s quite possible that you never learned about the demise of Geocities, a web hosting service that started in 1994. To make a long story short, it was eventually purchased by Yahoo! and then shut down in the United States in 2009.

In the early days of the internet, it was one of the more popular hosting providers, and with its demise also came the demise of an immense amount of websites with a ton of great information. So in an effort to talk about some other things useful to those of you interested in our pontoon boats, we thought we’d point you to a revived version of  a popular old site on GeoCities that we thought had gone down with the ship. For you knot enthusiasts, there’s a new version of the Notable Knot Index formerly available at that you can find here.

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