SES Floorplan Studio Photoshoot: A Sneak Peek

Today we shot our new SES floorplans at a studio in Auburn Hills, MI. The new floorplans were launched in late December, making it difficult to get outdoor pictures in Michigan. By using the studio, we avoided the weather and were able to shoot each floorplan by plugging components in and out of the boat as we shot them.

SES floorplan

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8/23/11 Boat Shoot – 2012 Model Year

(More from the 2012 shoot from Greg VanWagenen)

Day started off with intense sparkle on the water. As expected the day has started more quickly. We all know our jobs and are off running.  A bit of a stiff breeze today, that will add to our challenge.  Shooting boats on the water has it’s own unique challenges.

x-plode pontoon on the water

1) Is it a still shot? If so, it can be easy, as long as the wind is not too fierce, which can blow either the shoot boat or the subject around. Holding still and looking natural can be arduous, but our photographer knows how to keep it relatively painless.
2) A moving shot has it’s own peculiarities.   All things have to be lined up………sun, ( no clouds, please) subjects, models  all poised. Hair not too blowing around. With our VToon performance boats, keeping everything in place can be tough! And we have had to upgrade our Shoot boat over the years, boosting it’s HP to make it able to keep pace with the model boat.  Camera equipment for these shots is paramount. SPEED SPEED SPEED.
3) Action shots with skiers, tubes or wakeboarders makes #2 just more intense!