Steer clear of ordinary pontoon boats.

At Manitou, we understand that high performance is only as good as the power you need to steer it. Which is why we offer three steering systems for exactly the control you seek.


    With its high-performance cable that reduces friction between liner and cable, the Xtreme® Steering System dramatically reduces the effort needed to turn the steering wheel on higher-horsepower boats with larger hulls. And if you choose one of our Twin Tubes, it’s standard.


    The SeaStar® Hydraulic Steering System is a high-performance steering system built for high-performance boats — so it’s standard on all our VP models.*


    Because you’re used to the feel of a car’s steering wheel — fingertip control with easy, smooth and steady precision — we developed SeaStar Power Assist Steering. Equipped with Kevlar hoses and a 2.4 Ratio Helm Pump, this feedback system delivers uncompromised control, exceptional performance, and unmatched levels of comfort and safety. Standard on all SHP models.*

    * Some engine brands use their own steering system. Speak with your nearest Manitou dealer for more details.

  • You Know the Power of a Joystick from Gaming, but this is no game.

    Give yourself one-handed computer-assisted control of dual engines for maneuvering through tight channels and marinas. A joystick allows our Manitou boats to move laterally, which is ideal when you’re pulling away from a crowded fuel dock, needing to make a 360-degree rotation, or holding your pontoon’s heading or position.

    In addition, at low speeds, simply maneuvering the joystick** controls both throttle and steering, making it more possible for a less-experienced first mate to drive while you deploy the anchor or attach the line to a mooring buoy.

    ** Brand specific options available, see your Manitou dealer for details.