Ten Most Extreme Wakeboarding Tricks

Videos of the best tricks of all time

The wakeboarding industry has seen some incredible tricks since its start in the 1990s. Whether these tricks have been around for years or have been newly invented, they are thrilling to watch and even more exhilarating to execute. We’ve checked out videos and pictures of tricks, old and new, and put together a list of the 10 craziest wakeboarding tricks.

10. Tantrum

TantumThe Tantrum is a wakeboarding classic and is generally the first invert trick a rider will learn. A Tantrum is simply a heelside back flip, similar to one done on a trampoline. The trick was invented by Eric Perez and has been a wakeboarding staple ever since.

9. Elephant

The Elephant is a natural rotation in the air, much like the scarecrow, but rather than landing switch, the board is pulled back forward before landing. Invented by Steve Shiflett, this is one of the newer, easily-learned inverts.

8. Whirly 540

In essence, the Whirly 540 is a Tantrum with a backside 540 as the handle is rotated above the head. Invented by Shaun Murray, this trick is an invert with a smooth spin and gnarly flip.

7. 720

Made popular by Scott Byerly, the 720 is a spin where a rider performs a 720 degree rotation in the air.

6. Hoochie Glide

The Hoochie Glide is a wakeboarding somersault carried out while crossing the wake as a rider grabs the edge of the board.

5. 900

The 900 in wakeboarding is a spin in which a rider completes a 900 degree rotation in the air. Darin Shapiro was the first boarder to land this spin.

4. 1080

1080s are spins in which riders complete a 1080 degree rotation in the air. Parks Bonifay was the first rider to successfully land this trick.

3. Double Half Cab Backroll

The Double Half Cab Backroll is one of the most challenging wakeboarding tricks. Invented by Parks Bonifay and first landed on flat water by Ethan Agius, this trick is described as a Half Cab Roll into a Toeside Backroll.

2. Speedball

The Speedball was also invented by legend Darin Shapiro and is classified as a heelside double front flip.

1. 1260

Here it is, the number-one, craziest wakeboarding trick: the 1260. First landed by Danny Harf, this three-and-a-half-time-around spin is the most insane and challenging wakeboarding trick we’ve set our eyes on.

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