The Little Boat that Could

In a series of shocking events, a Towboat churning down the Tombigbee River collided into the Old Rooster Bridge near Demopolis, Alabama on April 28 of 1979. Surprisingly, the boat somehow managed to pass under the bridge with the help of the particularly strong currents during that time of the year and come up on the other side. Even more surprisingly, there was someone with a camera at the right place and at the right time to capture the event.

tow boat1

 tow boat2

tow boat3

tow boat4

tow boat5

tow boat6

tow boat7

tow boat8

tow boat9

tow boat10

tow boat11

tow boat13

tow boat14

tow boat15

tow boat16

tow boat17

tow boat19

tow boat20

The Old Rooster Bridge was destroyed in the early 1980’s and replaced by a newer bridge up the river, but the local legend of the unsinkable towboat lives on!