Manitou Video Collection

Manitou’s patented SHP & VP with V-Toon® Technology hulls are the benchmark in pontoon boat performance. These videos will show you why the V-Toon® hull is the next evolution in pontoon boat performance and handling. The larger, deeper center tube creates a V in the water, allowing the boat to handle as well or better than fiberglass “performance” boats. Below you’ll find our collection of Manitou pontoon boat videos, which highlight the wide array of features and amenities in these high-quality crafts.

New for 2017

  • 2017 Manitou Pontoon Boat Performance Video

    Manitou performance is the benchmark in the pontoon boat industry. See our boats dance across the water and cut on a dime. With a Manitou the shore is your only limit.

  • 2017 Manitou Pontoon Boats Feature Video

    The 2017 Manitou Pontoon boats provide unparalleled performance and comfort. The greatest show of power is the ability to control it.

  • 2017 Manitou Pontoon Boat Introduction

    The greatest show of power is the ability to control it. Our dual engine pontoon boats are not just faster, they are a whole new boating experience.

  • Manitou Dual Engine Test Drive

    See what our dealers thought of the all new dual engine Manitou pontoon boats. V-Toon Technology has never been more exciting. The captain has the best seat in the house on our pontoon boats.