Manitou Pontoon Boats Video Collection

Manitou’s patented SHP & VP hulls with V-Toon® Technology are the benchmark in pontoon boat performance. These videos will show you why the V-Toon® hull is the next evolution in pontoon boat performance and handling. The larger, deeper center tube creates a V in the water, allowing the boat to handle as well or better than fiberglass “performance” boats.

Below, you’ll find a collection of recent Manitou pontoon boat videos, and archives from previous years. Our annual model lineups, as well as third-party reviews and test drives, highlight the wide array of features and amenities in these high-quality crafts.

New for 2021

  • Manitou 2020 Performance Video

    With all the horsepower — and the power to impress — Manitou provides an incredible combination of high performance and high style. With over 30 years of craftsmanship, our pontoon boats let you part the water, turn on a dime and carve a wake like no other. Beyond acceleration and handling, our patented V-Toon® and twin tube hulls are constructed to be the strongest in the industry. And our impeccable custom styling ensures that heads will turn when you pass others by.

    All of which is why at Manitou, we believe that when you choose one of our pontoon boats, you’ve landed the highest performing, best-quality boat in the industry.

  • Manitou Digital Vessel Control with Dometic DCM

    Learn the ins and outs of your Digital Vessel Control system from Dometic, exclusive to your Manitou Legacy, X-Plode, or XT.