World’s Biggest Boats

Have you ever stared in nautical amazement at a 160ft yacht trolling past your speedboat? Is the largest boat you’ve ever seen the glacier-struck, sinking ship in the film Titanic? Were you impressed when you crammed over 30 people on your pontoon (however illegal it was)? While these boats may seem remarkably gigantic, they are certainly not the biggest there is. Imagine a sailboat more than 20 stories tall, a vessel more than 1,000 feet long or a yacht with 11 guest cabins, three launch pads, two indoor swimming pools, a ballroom and more. Now we’re talking huge. Those are just a few incredible features of the world’s largest boats. Read on for a complete list of the world’s most massive vessels in all their gigantor glory.

Knock Nevis

Largest supertanker

The Knock Nevis is not only the world’s largest supertanker, but the world’s largest boat in general. This floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) weighs in at a whopping 260,941 tons, measures 1,504.10ft long and boasts a capacity of 564,650 metric tons of deadweight. She was built in 1979, damaged during the Iran-Iraq war, repaired in 1991 and converted into a permanently moored storage tanker in 2004. Knock Nevis is known for being too large to pass through the English Channel and for being longer than the Petronas Twin Towers are tall.



Emma Maersk

Largest container ship

Emma Maersk is a 1,300ft container ship owned by the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. She has a capacity of 156,907 metric tons of deadweight, although by normal calculations, her cargo capacity is significantly greater than that. The ship herself weighs 170,974 GT. During construction in 2006, welding work led to a fire in the ship’s superstructure, which spread to the accommodation section and bridge as well. After repair of the fire damage, Emma Maersk was named in an official ceremony and made her maiden voyage. Later that year, she was dubbed the SS Santa before traveling to the UK and China with Christmas goods.


Queen Mary 2

Largest ocean liner

The RMS Queen Mary 2 is a Cunard Line ocean liner named after the earlier Queen Mary, which was named after Mary of Teck—the wife of George V. Constructed in 2003, the Queen Mary 2 was the longest, tallest and widest passenger ship built to date. She boasts a weight of 148,528GT and is 1,132 feet long, making her capable of carrying 2,620 passengers. Queen Mary 2 remains the largest ocean liner ever built. Her width, length and breadth are unrivaled. This ship had the privilege of docking in Athens during the XXVIII Olympics, serving as a hotel of sorts for UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, French President Jacques Chirac, U.S. President George H. W. Bush and the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. Other notable guests of the QM2 include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, musician Dave Brubeck, actor John Cleese, actor Richard Dreyfuss, director George Lucas, author Harold Evans, Carly Simon, Rod Stewart, Katie Couric and Donald Trump.


MS Berge Stahl

Largest carrier

The MS Berge Stahl—an iron ore carrier—is the world’s largest bulk carrier ship, measuring 1,122 feet long with a capacity of 364,767 metric tons of deadweight. This carrier was built in 1986 and is registered in Stavanger, Norway. Because she is so large, the fully-loaded Berge Stahl is only able to tie up at two ports in the world—the Terminal Maritimo de Ponta da Madeira in Brazil and the Europoort in the Netherlands near Rotterdam. While at these ports, careful planning is required to time the Berge Stahl’s passage around high tide, so she doesn’t run aground.


USS Enterprise

Largest naval vessel

Nicknamed “Big E,” the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. Measuring 1,123 feet long and displacing 93,500 tons, the Big E is the longest naval vessel and second heaviest supercarrier on the planet. She is also the only remaining ship in the U.S. Navy ship lineage with the name Enterprise. Big E is scheduled for decommission sometime between 2014 and 2015, depending on the state of the nuclear fuel in her reactors. Her replacement will be the USS Gerald. R. Ford (CVN-78).


Oasis of the Seas & Allure of the Seas

Largest cruise ships

Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas belong to the Royal Caribbean International cruise ships Oasis class. With a gross tonnage of 225,282 each and individual lengths of 1,181 feet, these two ships remain the world’s largest cruise and passenger ships. Each ship can carry 6,296 passengers and is reported to be the most expensive commercial ship ever built. Attractions of the cruise line include a 5-deck platform filled with gardens, restaurants, shops and a bar capable of moving up and down through three decks. There will also be more than 300 staterooms, 254 of which will have balconies overlooking the gardens.



Largest yacht

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s mega yacht, Eclipse, is the largest motor yacht in the world with a length of 557 feet. The yacht was estimated to have cost Abramovich close to $1 billion after construction and implementation of its bells and whistles. Such bells and whistles include bullet-proof windows, a paparazzi laser shield, two helicopter pads, three launch pads and a submarine. It also features two swimming pools, several hot tubs, 11 guest cabins—each with a six-foot movie screen, a disco hall and close to 70 crew members to ensure smooth sailing.


Maltese Falcon

Largest sailboat

The title of world’s largest (and fastest) personal sailboat belongs to the Maltese Falcon, first launched in Italy. The Maltese Falcon is controlled by free-standing masts at a whopping 187 feet tall and a deck 287 feet long. The yacht relies on fiber-optic sensor systems to monitor wind speed and uses three rotating masts, each with five sails, to ensure perfect sailing. These sails are able to be stored inside the mast and unfurled into tracks within only six minutes. The masts may be 20 stories high and weigh 35 tons each, but sophisticated computer controls make it possible for only a single person to operate this vessel.


Sea Screamer

Largest speedboat

The Sea Screamer is the world’s largest speed boat, as it is 72 feet long, 19 feet wide and weighs 82 tons. Built for dolphin tours in Clearwater, Florida, this boat can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour, is Coast Guard licensed and offers two bathrooms, as well as drinks and snacks. While enjoying a ride on the Sea Screamer, you may encounter dolphins, Hulk Hogan’s estate and the hotel where Keith Richards wrote “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”

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