Valcourt, Quebec, January 24, 2023 – BRP Inc. (TSX:DOO; NASDAQ:DOOO) is honored to announce that Manitou has received the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award in the Pontoon Boat category at the 2023 Minneapolis Boat Show.

The Innovation Awards program, organized by the NMMA and judged by Boating Writers International (BWI), recognizes exceptionally innovative new consumer marine products that best meet the criteria of “having innovative distinction from other products currently manufactured in the marine industry; providing benefit to the marine industry and/or consumer; providing practicality of use; and are cost-effective.”

“The Manitou Explore redefines the pontoon experience for the next generation of boaters with a timeless, modern design, and a revolutionary on-board experience. With a unique and adaptable interior, boaters can choose the seating configuration that fits their lifestyle, ensuring they have the perfect day on the water. Combined with our new MAX Deck platform, boaters also have more space and clear views all around,” says Garrett Koschak, Global Product Strategy Manager, Manitou.

The new generation of Manitou pontoon boats were designed to rise above in every way possible, taking a day out on the water to a whole new level. The Manitou Explore stands out from the crowd with a bold, easy to maintain exterior created through an exclusive, industry first aluminum transformation process typically found in the luxury automotive sector. The all-new Sport Bimini not only adds style, but improves functionality. The Sport Bimini stylishly integrates into the design lines of the wall and MAX Deck while providing the ability to run at 55 MPH with the canvas open.

When paired with the all-new Rotax S, the world’s first outboard featuring Stealth Technology, the Manitou Explore introduces a groundbreaking stern experience. Explore models powered with Rotax S come equipped with the all-new MAX Deck which provides 38 square feet of additional functional space while adding refined lounging. The rear Switchback loungers create the opportunity to sit forward facing while in motion and rear facing while at rest to utilize the MAX Deck as a lounging platform.

The Trifold bench consists of a center section that functions as a bench seat or can easily fold into the wall to create face-to-face seating. A dinette table is integrated into the bottom of the seat base and cushion so that it will fold out of the wall when needed, creating a face-to-face dinette arrangement as the third layout option. The ability to function as three different layouts provides the baseline for the revolutionary on-board experience that is provided to the industry by the 2023 Manitou Explore. With its unique design and quality engineering, the Trifold bench creates the new standard of flexibility and consumer focus for Manitou.

Additionally, the 2023 Manitou Explore continues the timeless and modern design by incorporating innovative materials such as 100% composite deck and many modern interior design elements.