X-Plode Overview

X-treme sports pontoon performance.
No, owning our X-Plode does not require you to wear a helmet or get all revved up on energy drinks… unless you want to. But its exemplary handling and extreme styling are the ultimate combination of sports performance and aluminum pontoon perfection. Let the games begin.

Color Options

    Floor Plans

    X-Plode 23 SRS

    X-Plode SRS

    X-Plode 23 SRW

    X-Plode SRW

    X-Plode 23 RF

    X-Plode RF

    X-Plode 23 RFW

    X-Plode RFW

    X-Plode 23 RFX

    X-Plode RFX

    X-Plode 23 RFXW

    X-Plode RFXW

    X-Plode 27 SL

    X-Plode SL

    X-Plode 23 SLW

    X-Plode SLW

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