2018 X-Plode


Build Your Own X-Plode

X-Plode Overview

Redefine your X-pectations of a pontoon boat.
Built to perform, the X-Plode is the all-aluminum pontoon boat that refuses to act like a pontoon boat. It carves, it banks — it explodes out of the water.

Whether you’re at the helm or on board, you can feel that this is no ordinary ride. Even better, with optional dual engines it delivers all the power you need while still offering the comfort and amenities you expect from a top-of-the-line pontoon boat.
X-Plode 23 SRS

X-Plode SRS

X-Plode 23 SRW

X-Plode SRW

X-Plode 23 RF

X-Plode RF

X-Plode 23 RFW

X-Plode RFW

X-Plode 23 RFX

X-Plode RFX

X-Plode 23 RFXW

X-Plode RFXW

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