2019 X-Plode


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X-Plode Overview

The perfect yin and yang of a performance sports pontoon.
Performance plus sporty? In a pontoon boat? No, seriously. Manitou X-Plode delivers both, in a high-end all-aluminum offering that defies the traditional definition of pontooning. It carves … it banks … unlike any other pontoon out there.

With optional dual engines, you can even up the ante for performance and sports, whether you’re skippering or skiing. Prepare to be impressed — and to impress.
X-Plode 23 SRS

X-Plode SRS

X-Plode 23 SRW

X-Plode SRW

X-Plode 23 RF

X-Plode RF

X-Plode 23 RFW

X-Plode RFW

X-Plode 23 RFX

X-Plode RFX

X-Plode 23 RFXW

X-Plode RFXW

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