Boating Pet Safety Accessories

Boating is an activity that the entire gang can enjoy so why not include the family pet on your next boating excursion? Even better, bring your furry friend along on your next fishing trip-that is if they promise not to scare the fish away. Grab boating pet accessories for your pooch to participate safely:

Doggy Boat Ladder

Most dogs don’t mind a dip, but getting them back on the boat can be a challenge and is often dangerous for your dog and you. Cue Doggy Boat Ladder from The Doggy Boat Ladder attaches to the back of boats making it simpler for your pup to get back on board safely.

Some features:

  • Attaches to most boat ladders with three or more steps – and is easy to attach and remove
  • Portable, lightweight and durable
  • Slip resistant, ribbed design provides safe entry/exit for all pets
  • Reduces pain and strain for pets and owners
  • Measures 16 by 64 inches and it folds in half for easy storage


2.Pet Life Jacket

All boat passengers are required to have a life jacket available for their safety, so it only makes sense that you would provide a lifeline for your pooch as well. Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket and Designer Pet Life Jackets provide buoyancy and high visibility to keep pets safe the in water. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors for small or large dogs-fashion forward or traditional.


3.Floatable Fetch Toys

Most dogs thoroughly enjoy splishing and splashing, but why not give them more to do? For more fun in the sun, we like these Paws Aboard line of floatable fetch toys designed to keep your pup splashing around for hours. We like the fact that these toys are designed so that your dog can close his mouth as he swims to avoid choking. For more floatable toys, visit


4. Dog Flag by Paws Aboard

Let other boats know you have pets aboard with the Paws Aboard pet flags. The brightly colored boat flags add a little flare and peace of mind.


5. K-9 First Aid Kit From RUFFWEAR

It never hurts to be prepared. All boats should be equipped with a first aid kit for humans, so best to include one for your pooch as well. We like this K-9 First Aid Kit from PupGear, it includes a Pet First Aid booklet, iodine swabs, gauze, antibiotic cream, and more. For a full list of the items included, visit


6. Doggydocks Ramp

If you’d prefer a ramp to a set of stairs, we like the doggydocks by PupGear. The doggydocks are portable, lightweight, and attach to any dock or boat platform. Here’s how it works: When a dog is ready to get out of the water, they swim to the end of the doggydocks, and as they walk up the patented floatation system Snapbagā„¢ will stop the incline from becoming too steep. Visit to watch a video of this contraption in action.


7. Microfiber Pet Towel

Get your wet dog dried faster with a microfiber pet towel. We may be tempted to wrap Fido up in a towel from the rag pile, but Microfiber towels get your pet dry in record time and the towel itself dries quicker for easy clean-up. The Microfiber Pet Towel from Zwipes ( comes in different sizes for a variety of dogs.


8. Floating Chew Toys

Want something that floats and that your dog can nom on when they’re out of the water? West Paw Design offers a variety of versatile, durable chew toys that float. The Huck is super cool because it bounces in all directions ensuring your dog will be entertained for hours on end. An added bonus, these dog toys are eco-friendly and made in the USA. For more from West Paw Design, visit


9. Swim Leash for Dogs

Want to let your pup go for a dip, but need to keep them close? You’ll need a swim leash for sure. The 6 Foot Swimming Dog Snap Leash from Soft Lines Inc ( should do the trick. The leash is long enough to allow your dog some freedom and floats so that it won’t drag your doggy down. We like this one because it includes free personalization with your dogs name for added safety. The leashes come in different colors and lengths, so check out for a full list of products available.

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