Simply the best in pontoon boat construction and craftsmanship.

We started Manitou over 30 years ago. And during that time, one thing has never changed — our passion for the water and pontoon boats.

Our focus is simple: we want to make every day on the water a great one. That’s why we’ve never been content with “standard” pontoon boats. Over the years, we’ve elevated handling with V-Toon technology, created more intelligent floorplans, added fresh finishes and colors, and two years ago, introduced fiberglass into our Legacy and X-Plode lines. Adding fiberglass, without significantly increasing weight, has further blurred the line between our pontoons boats and runabouts.

The bottom line is that while we build great pontoon boats, our real goal is to simply build the best boat for you and your family. No matter which Manitou that may be, we’re confident that when you’re in a boat with our name on it, you’ll never feel like you’ve made any sort of compromise.

Manitou frame construction

  1. Machined from a solid block of aluminum billet, the motor mounts accommodate larger engines, ensuring longevity and integrity.
  2. On average, we use more crossmembers than anyone else. Rather than 17 inch intervals, we often place our crossmembers just 7 inches apart. Especially in areas that need extra strength, like where the most force from the engine and water are felt.
  3. Hat-shaped, extruded aluminum crossmembers make up the structure of the strongest frame in the industry. Manitou offers the only frame that can withstand forces associated with the speed and razor-sharp turning of V-Toon technology.
  4. Manitou Pontoon Boats deliver the best welds in the industry.