How to Name Your Manitou Pontoon

Boat naming traditions have a rich history. In the past, it was customary, and seen as a harbinger of good luck, to name a new boat before its maiden voyage. This practice led to the familiar christening ceremony, where a bottle of champagne is ceremoniously shattered on the bow, and the ship's name is joyfully declared just before it glides into the water from the dry dock.

While your new boat may have already undergone water testing by the manufacturer or dealer, you can still embrace the tradition by giving your pontoon a name and celebrating the occasion. Here are some tips to name your new Manitou pontoon boat:


Keep It Concise

Ideally, a boat name should consist of a maximum of one, two or three words. It should fit neatly on the back or side of the boat without appearing cramped. Also, consider how it sounds when spoken aloud, especially for VHF radio communication clarity.


Personalize It

Your boat's name can be inspired by your profession or passion. For instance, a musician might opt for "Perfect Pitch," a name equally fitting for a retired baseball player. Various professions like doctors ("Knot on Call"), attorneys ("My Alibi" and "Bail Out"), firefighters ("Flame Out"), educators ("Teacher’s Pet"), carpenters ("Nailed It"), and even librarians ("Book Worm") are creative play on words.


Embrace Puns

Inject some humor into it. Given that you have a Manitou pontoon, you can create playful puns using "Toon," such as "Toonful," "Toon Me In," "Loony Toon," or "Manitoon." Other examples include "Seas the Day," "Nauti Girl," "Squid Pro Quo," or "Happy Ours."



Naming your boat after a loved one has been a tradition for centuries, resulting in names like "Magnificent Martha" or "Lovely Linda." Traditional names can also evoke a place or a state of mind, such as "Memory Maker," "Serenity," "Grace," "Freedom," or "Down Time."


Match the Boat

The name should match the boat. A Manitou LX model with V-Toon® technology and a pair of hot outboards on the transom could have a name that reflects its performance, such as Blew By You, Double Trouble, Zephyr or Seeing 60. Into watersports? Name your boat Tow Time. A luxurious Manitou XT model deserves a name like Liquid Asset or Plush Pontoon. (Models available in North America only)


Topical Names

A name inspired by a favorite song, movie, or cultural moment can be entertaining, but be aware that it may go out of style or lose its relevance over time. Some examples include "Social Distancing," "Black Pearl" for pirate enthusiasts, or "Margaritaville," although it's become quite common.


To display your boat's name, consider using vinyl lettering, which you can order online or from a local sign shop specializing in weather-proof lettering suitable for boats.

The tradition of naming a boat is a fun activity that can involve family and friends, even if you're not deeply immersed in nautical customs. Feel free to share your boat's name with the Manitou community by posting a picture with the hashtag #ManitouMoments.


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