Differences between pontoons and tritoons

If you're pondering the choice between a Tritoon and a Pontoon, it's not a simple question! A Tritoon is essentially a triple-hull pontoon boat. But instead of the traditional two large aluminum tubes beneath the deck, a Tritoon features a third tube positioned in the center, which evenly distributes weight over the water. This added stability and structure also enable the boat to handle more horsepower compared to a typical twin-tube pontoon boat.





When deciding between a twin-tube or Tritoon pontoon, your intended use for the boat and your preferred water activities will play a crucial role in making the right choice.


Preferred Activities:

For many boaters, versatility is key. If you're seeking a boat for leisurely cruises on calm lakes, a twin-tube pontoon boat might fulfill all of your needs. However, if you're in the market for a stylish and stable fishing vessel, both twin-tube and Tritoon pontoons can cater to anglers of all skill levels.


If you’re looking to reach top speeds or towing skiers or tubers, the decision becomes clearer. By incorporating a third tube, a Tritoon pontoon boat opens the door to higher horsepower, dual engines, faster speeds, improved stability, and a wide range of exciting water activities.


Budget vs. Desired Experience:

People who've experienced the difference between twin-tube and Tritoon pontoon boats will tell you that the main factor influencing your choice is the cost. Tritoon models come with a higher price tag, but it also brings added stability, smoother riding, increased cruising speeds– all contributing to a more enjoyable experience for everyone on board.


If you primarily plan to use your boat on smaller bodies of water, the benefits of owning a Tritoon pontoon might be overdoing it. However, in scenarios involving wind, rough water, wakes, or if you desire enhanced power, stability, and overall performance, the benefits of a Tritoon pontoon boat will quickly outweigh those of a twin-tube.


Think of it this way – the third tube grants you greater control on the water. Instead of the water dictating terms with a twin-tube pontoon, the captain takes charge with a Tritoon.


For boaters who engage in a variety of activities, a performance Tritoon is a worthwhile investment.



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