The Best Performance Pontoon on the Market Starts with the Strongest Frame in the Industry.

When it comes to how our boats are built, and the quality of the materials used, “good enough” never is. From the fit and finish of a bench seat, to a single weld on a barracuda nosecone – we take the time to ensure every component meets an exceedingly high level of performance. As far as we’re concerned, there simply is no room, or need, for anything but the very best.


  1. On average, we use more crossmembers than anyone else. Rather than 17 inch intervals, we often place our crossmembers just 7 inches apart. Especially in areas that need extra strength, like where the most force from the engine and water are felt.
  2. Manitou Pontoon Boats delivers the best welds in the industry.
  3. Hat shaped, extruded aluminum cross-members make up the structure of the strongest frame in the industry. Manitou offers the only frame that can withstand forces associated with the speed and razor sharp turning of V-Toon technology.